Zucchini in grow bags

Hi All, I hope you are staying healthy, happy, and safe.

I am thinking of trying growing zucchini this summer- 2 plants in a 5 gallon grow bag. It will be on my balcony on the 24th floor. So, I assume I will have to hand pollenate, but will add a small zinnia plant to attract bees just in case. I realize that the soil volume is small, so will add plenty of compost, bone meal, chicken manure pellets, and coconut coir for moisture retention. I will also have compost tea and fish and seaweed liquid fertilizer on hand in case more nourishment is needed.

I have a couple of questions:

  1. What else can I do to insure a prolific harvest?

  2. Would you recommend to stick with 2 plants of the same variety or different summer squash varieties?

  • I have seeds for Black Beauty Zucchini, Straightneck Summer Squash, Scallop Yellow Bush Squash
  1. Should I give them a trellis, or just let them sprawl on the floor?

Thank you in advance for your experience and kindness.


Hi Marina
My sister and I were just talking about how easy zucchini is to grow. While growing up (in Alaska) we remember my dad putting two or three zucchini plants along the driveway and they grew more than enough for our family of seven. The tire was nothing special and probably a little lacking in nutrients so I bet your bags will do fine with whatever variety you choose. I think they are pretty foolproof and delicious

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Oops; the soil was nothing special.

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Hi Marina

I’d expect most grow bags to contain enough nutrients to support a couple of zucchini plants, with just the addition of a weekly or fortnightly liquid feed once they begin flowering and fruiting. Just keep an eye on moisture levels in the bags. I’ve only used them once or twice but I found they tend to stay quite wet, but that when they dry out they really dry out!

  1. Hand pollinating is a good idea. Really there’s nothing else to worry about - zucchini are sometimes slow to get started (and often only produce male flowers for a while at first), but once they get going, you’ll hardly be able to keep up!

  2. Just go for whatever tickles your fancy!

  3. I never have for zucchini, but if you’re growing a variety that tends to trail then you might find it tidier to direct the vines up supports.


This sounds great. Thank you so much for advice and support. Already have seedlings, and will plant this weekend. Can’t wait!

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I dud zuccs in griw bags and they wetter very successful.
My two suggestions are to firstly sit the bag in a tray or tub so it is sitting in a bit of water at all times. Secondly keep the water up.
I found that my grow bag dried up very fast in the hot weather as there is more evaporation area via the cloth but once I put the saucer underneath it and increased the watering it greatly improved the health of the bag.

I would let them sprawl as it was just easier but the do get very big.
I did one green and one yellow… the yellow one did better for me.
You will need to fertilise every two weeks with a solution including potash to encourage growth of flowers.


Thank you this is very helpful!