With all this extra time what are people doing in the garden that normally gets left?

Am about to tidy the greenhouse, mend the glass with duct tape and possibly even start whitewashing the staging! Saddest part there will be no-one who sees me doing it to faint…


Now that the major sowing is done - it’s time to tackle a mountain of dead brambles which were cut down from 100 ft2 of dead space. Shredding will be the order of the day once a couple more beds are dug over. Sadly, it goodbye to no-dig for this year.

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Sounds like the shredding will make good mulch if nothing else!

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Sadly I can’t use it as for mulch as we have two dogs and potential for pain and the cost of vets fees when they get thorns in their paws. It’s either the brown bin or the incinerator! and yet another spraying to ‘discourage’ the stumps.
By the way, Susie, isn’t duct tape opaque? I’ve got some Gorilla transparent tape for when I get around to sealing a few cracks in mine. Just a thought - not being clever.

That does sound better but I’m afraid we don’t have any DIY shops near us and as the splits have been there for some time I had to stick a load of ugly white sealant in to smooth it out and stick them together. We are posh though and have a choice of either green or black duct tape so I have opted for the green, with so much time on my hands and a garage full of ends of paint pots I might paint the staging a whacky colour, or at least different from the usual white!

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I don’t know about more time because I’m still working as an essential worker, but I have a lot of anxious energy to get out. So far, my husband and I have tilled out around my garden so I have flowerbeds for marigolds and nasturtiums all around. We place a brick border all around that and new area where I replanted some blackberry brambles from elsewhere in the yard. I also built an herb spiral out of brick near the main garden that covers a tree stump.

Wow! For someone who is a key worker that is an awful lot of extra effort! But I guess nervous energy is a great motivator, I feel somewhat ashamed we have actually cleaned our greenhouse glass for the first time in a decade…And the colour of the water was horrific…Your herb spiral sounds gorgeous, are you planting it in any particular way?

I’m planning on having lavender on top of the spiral because the color will echo the large Russian sage I have in the front of the bed near the street. Then I’m planting Rosemary, globe oregano, sage, a couple types of basil, lemon balm and chamomile. Still working on the order and placement, but I know I want all of that. I’ll also plant peppermint and spearmint in some big planters nearby since I don’t want them in the spiral because they’re invasive. :slight_smile:

That sounds delightful, a feast for all the senses, the scents, the colours and the pollinators will love it…


Everything… I have never tried growing before this. I leave the lawn too long between mows and never weed borders. But with a family of 5 to feed and a fear that this is going to get worse before it gets better I’m using the time to turn my garden into an alotment. I’ve dug up bushes from borders, stripped grass from lawn, installed 18m2 of raised beds, broke up the soil and dug in some bulk bags of compost, getting fit and healthy and frankly loving it and thats before we’ve even tasted the fruits of the labour. Steep learning curve and needing to have enough knowledge to make a success of it pretty much now is certainly stopping the lockdown boredom others are suffering from!


Well any advice you want I have probably made all the mistakes anyone is ever going to do already (probably at least twice) and we have a STACK of resources too so please do feel free to ask. Gardening is brilliant, being out under the sky and in touch with the earth is a very liberating feeling!


Haha! Sounds good to me! :smile: