With 350 tuning in, please tell us your story

I may be a bit of a boring old git bit - I accept that.
However, over 350 folk have tuned in to the forum on at least one occasion.
Although I thoroughly respect and use the Growveg channel, I’ve no direct commitment to them.*
That’s 350+ decent gardeners, doing the best we can…
We are all different with our successes and (perhaps especially this year of with our seemingly strange climate activity) our failures.
Please, oh please, share your gardening experience with us all.
No-one is pouncing to criticise.
Your experience is as valuable as anyone else’s.
I have learned a lot already.
Joy and productivity to you all. - UK and far beyond.


I am very lucky that my job has not been negatively affected by the current situation, but between that and my 4 & nearly 3 year old the garden is pretty neglected again this year.

I have managed to get some corn and courgettes in, although they are lacking the third sister this year. I have some tomatoes and other bits started in the greenhouse, but they all need potting on or planting out.

Forget the money tree, I need to grow a time tree! :slight_smile:


I take issue with the boring old git bit, you just know your stuff and have bags of experience, I however do work for growveg and am boring about how much I enjoy doing it! But I too would love to see what people are doing, it’s a nice community to be part of, all of us struggling along this year, one way or another and giving and receiving advice when we need it, I have learnt loads…


Struggle more or less covers it! I have no idea why, but so many gardeners are finding that -in the UK at least - they sow seeds that germinate and then, once at about 1-2", they give up the ghost. I’ve done more re-sowing than in any other year.
Experience or not, I am baffled.
At last I have some more brassica plants worthy of putting in the ground but I am still re-sowing to cover early losses.
Last year, highly neglected, I had cucumbers coming out of my ears. This year, highly cossetted, I’m still trying to get them airborne!
But as I said in another post, 'Never say die!'
There is a lot of Summer to come (in the N hemisphere) and, like every gardener, we’ll try to make the best of it. Let’s hope the idea of an ‘Indian Summer’ happens.
Just erected (today) my final cages and look forward to a mega-planting-out in the coming week.
But I’d love to know how other gardeners - UK and beyond - as coping or prospering.
By the way, thanks for the discreet affirmation - much appreciated.

Some success’s and plenty of fails too. Broad (fava) beans romping away but second sowing, garlic, onions (and from sets) and arugula (rocket) all bolted. Borage all over, tomatoes really slow as are all my squashes but look healthy. Potatoes look like triffids, only hope it isn’t just the foliage. Herbs are growing like weeds (but I love them), lettuce usual, carrots good, mooli good, rhubarb very good. Fruit trees (10) of all different types, all good, have had to thin have found aphids but have left the ladybird (bug) population to deal with those. Have “hidden” broccoli in the rose beds to see if it evades cabbage whites, looks quite pretty actually…


Glad things are going OK in the main. Photos tell a good story.
Ironically, my last re-sowing of French Beans have come up great - luckily those previously planted out are getting their act together but there are gaps. Broad beans look OK. Peas doing well except Oregon Sugar Pods that seem to be all bluster and no pods. They are coming out tomorrow! More Kelvedon Wonder in their place, all ready.
Today has been a good day (16/6) Planted out loads of terribly late well-sprouted onion sets. Praying for as weird an Autumn as Spring so that we get a long season and a harvest. Also planted out multi-sown Lisbon and 30 parsnips.
Over the last week or so we have had 2" of rain! A lot more tonight to top up the overflow water butts.
Have some decent brassica plants ready but their bed needs a bit more work before they go out. Poss’ the weekend. We have strangely not seen many cabbage whites lately. Let’s hope they have gone elsewhere. The leeks which were subject to that awful fizzy compost were left out on the top of the tool shed ready for disposal and - lo and behold - they started to move. Despite being far too small, I’m setting some out tomorrow and they can take their chance in cleanish ground. What did I say? - ‘Never say die!’. Tomatoes great but cucumbers are slow starters.
This week is a week of frantic planting out. Assuming that you are well ahead of me but I’m hoping to catch up. All the best - Paul

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It’s been a cold, wet and stormy June. Some of the plants are loving the weather and some are not. I’m pretty sure the watermelon plants are done and not coming back. Despite the weather and doomed watermelons, I’ve found 2 tomatoes growing so far :slight_smile:. So, far I have harvested asparagus, rhubarb, lettuce, spinach, tatsoi, strawberries, a leek and lots of different herbs. The peas are getting flowers, the potatoes need more soil on them and the raspberries are getting berries. I’m waiting for the beans to germinate, which hopefully they do and I haven’t planted the dill yet.


Hi there, Mahlynn.
Interesting. Your piccies suggest your garden is not dissimilar to mine.
as for me - melons are still adolescent, cucumbers the same. Toms are OK.
You’ve done a fair but harvesting. Well done. I think that my first REAL harvest is going to be of new potatoes and peas to which I m looking forward to next weekend.
We’ve had 4inches of rain lately which has really been both welcome and overstated.
I’ve had to buy a couple more water butts (s/h) to cope.
Strawberries rather indifferent.
My beds are now getting filled at last and I’ve got wait and see as to the extent of the eventual harvest.
Every good wish .

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I have had a 1m square veg bed for a number of years but now have an additional 2x1m bed. I think I grossly underestimated how big everything would grow so I’m suffering from a groaning veg bed. Even so, I have had quite a bit of success and have managed to harvest chard, blueberries, strawberries, cabbage, lettuce and peas.

I’m at the point where I want to start planning for winter but literally have no more room :smile:!


Looks really healthy!

Well done, Mrs Jones.
It’s good to see someone cocking a snoop at a lot of the ‘rules’ and getting amazing results with such healthy crops. It just shows what can be done in a small space. I salute you!
I’m drooling over that cabbage!
The veg beds may be groaning but you won’t be when you take them to table.
Once again, congratulations.

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