Winter Gardening

I know it seems early, but I’m already planning my Winter Garden. There are some veg that I will need to start in early June, so I can transplant out in early August. I live in zone 7A. I’m growing lots of brassicas and salad greens, beets and carrots. What are others planning to grow for their Winter garden?

I am too, I have just planted broccoli to hopefully go in where I now have onions and garlic and have just sown kale seeds which are old so they were a bit of an experiment but they are peeping through after just a few days. It always feels such a luxury in the winter to go and pick something fresh from the garden. I also manage to keep sowing successional pickings of rocket (arugula) and keep that going in an unheated greenhouse. Just nice to have something to pick…

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I guess that we all learn that ‘never too early’ does not apply. Good planning on your part. Some things take a long time to mature and when they do - in Winter - it is a great boost to both health and economy. Good on y’! You’re talking good sense. I’m planning my Savoys etc for June but the exact timing is not absolutely essential.
I’ve got my own ‘successional’ planting sorted and it includes Winter aspirations.

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Funny… I’m experimenting with some old kale seeds too. I’ve had one germinate from about 10 seeds so far.

I love kale! Do you think it is better to keep using my kale from my spring planting through the winter or plant it again in summer for the winter? Or, does it matter?

I’m hoping mine that I planted now will stretch through the winter, the winters here are not as cold as they were and it got through last year. The only thing is that once Spring hits and it warms up and is nearly a year old it will bolt and flower as it is a biennial but by sowing again in August you might be able to put that back a little longer next year. But hopefully I will have eaten mine all the way through the winter before the spring comes next year!

It’s definitely not too early to be thinking about winter crops, especially if you don’t have a particularly long growing season. I’ve got kale, winter cabbages and swede/rutabagas just germinated, and the Brussels sprouts have been in the garden for weeks already. Leeks were sown in mid-February and are ready to be planted out about now. Beetroot and carrots for autumn (and possible storing over winter) will go in within the next two or three weeks too.