What to plant- far north qld australia

Hello all, just an aspiring young gardener all the way from australia. Just wanted to say what a great idea this whole thing is and how great it is to see a modern way of using technology for victory gardens! Ok onto my question can any help me with what to plant now? We are in autumm here in australia but being in the fat north im part of the “tropics” area. Still quite warm

Hi glad you like the idea we just felt we all had to try to do something, here are some ideas for you these are lovely and there is a nice variety of them to try https://www.growveg.com/guides/growing-oriental-leaves-from-sowing-to-harvest/
chard, fall planted onions and garlic and broad or fava beans, possibly because you have the heat you could also get a quick crop of French beans in. Then there are all the cooler season brassica crops, broccoli, cabbages and kohlrabi is very easy and tasty too.

What part of FNQ are you?
I’m in Bundaberg so we will have some cooler weather.
You can grow tomatoes, egg plant, chillies, to name some common ones.

It’s not just about where you are now as to the months ahead. In Autumn we might be sowing winter brassicas, broad beans and a load of stuff like leeks and Lisbon onions. Have a look at Charles Dowdings You tube videos about late planting as it might help.