What special gardening projects are people working on over the weekend?

Just wondered if anyone had anything that they traditionally did over Easter? Like planting potatoes today?

We’ll be observing Yeshua as our Passover lamb, unleavened bread sinless life and first fruits resurrection and shoveling snow :slight_smile: blessings to you all :heart:

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Us too, we are in lockdown at the moment but are livestreaming our church and also have a little church with our neighbours over our fence all standing 2metres away, but still singing…

What songs? I’ll join you from ne Ohio!

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How Great Thou Art and Jesus Be The Centre are my 2 faves and with a “congregation over the fence” of only 5 of us we all take turns to choose, very democratic!

Cheers and Amen! We’ll be singing along, keeping you in our thoughts and prayers, have a great celebration!

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Last year was my first year of gardening. We moved into a home that had an existing plot that was 18’ wide and 69’ long. Keeping the dogs out of it was a struggle so I worked all winter sourcing free wood, breaking down pallets and painting fence parts. We just got the fence built two weeks ago. My next project is to build an arbor, also from the reclaimed wood, that will be placed around the gate My favorite color is turquoise, can you tell?

We shortened the plot to 16’ x 36’ - it was way too big last year!


That looks gorgeous and still pretty big and I like turquoise too! I have just painted the inside of my greenhouse light turquoise, it would have been a stronger colour but I had to mix it out of a match pot and we only had white because of the lockdown, still ok I think?



working on getting my garden beds ready to plant. usually in the fall I remove all the finished plants, manure them and then lay landscape cloth over them - I have 14 raised beds . Then in spring all I have to do is remove the cloth, lightly hand till and they are ready to go. but last fall I didn’t do any of that, so now I am paying the price. fortunately the weather is nice, so everyday I do a little bit. I have attached pictures of before, weeded and then with the landscape cloth. it is still a bit early to plant here, so the landscape cloth will help block weeds and help warm up the soil.


God’s blessings to you all


That is adorable! He is lovely and what an example to start off life with, and bless him at that age he will be growing as fast over the next few months as his crops!


God’s blessings to you all!