What is the one crop that you have grown that you would never try again?

What is the one thing that you have grown before that you would never grow again? I have a few, my Indigo Rose tomatoes were horrid, my Asparagus peas were so tough they were more like toothpicks and my leeks (sadly) do not really taste that much better than Morrisons- but I do still grow those as they are edible and it is nice to pull one and use it!

Oh yes, asparagus peas! They were horrid, neither asparagus nor pea flavoured and the texture of wood, even picked very young. Cucamelons, even our pigs wouldn’t eat them. No redeeming features at all.

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My cucamelons were pretty and sour, yes another one that won’t be making it again round here!

I wouldn’t say ‘never again’ but I am definitely not growing ‘full-height’ runner beans this year. The trouble and damage caused by winds last year made them a real pain. We are on the side of a hill and they were forever being blown down, despite stout tepees. Instead, I’m growing dwarf runner ‘Hestia’ this year and tons more French beans, green and golden, to make up the fresh and frozen bean stock.
The same thing happened to the tall Alderman peas - 6ft high - luckily their germination was so poor this year that I abandoned them - saving me the trouble of cutting them off at 4ft max. I’ll stick to Kelvedon Wonder for my main crop.

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I agree about the Indigo Rose tomatoes - they weren’t tasty at all, and got a lot of russetting on the skin. I’ve also given up on sweet peppers because I only ever seem to get two or three fruits, so just not worth the effort for me.

I heartily agree. I like to put sweet peppers in my stir-fries and other Anglo-Chinese cookery but with so little germination, I’ve dumped them and will go back to resorting to ‘Iceland’ frozen. Will try again next year but for the present, I’ll stick to a whole range of the ‘basics’. The large cells which housed my pepper seeds have gone back into the G/P compost.

Yes I am on the verge of dumping my favourite spaghetti squash, sowed them in prime compost, perfect windowsill nearly a month ago…Not a leaf :thinking:

Large tomatoes… we have fruit flies and the large tomatoes always get hit…

I grow cherry tomatoes and they come in so many varieties and sizes I don’t miss the big ones at all.

And beans… every bean crop I have had I failed at…

not quite “never again” but for some strange reason I don’t have success with carrots. even though I have worked the soil deep and loosened it up with sand, the carrots always come out stubby and knarly. so I don’t grow them.


I’m trying again, I bought some little stumpy Paris Market round ones for this year as I am pretty poor at carrots so hopefully since all of mine seem to turn out this way these should do well :smiley:


We are not planting corn this year. The raccoons ate them to the ground. Instead, we are planting potatoes to supplement our carbs.


Last year I planted okra Burgundy. I realized neither of us likes okra, and in fact the jar of okra pickles I made is still in the fridge, as my husband reminded me the other day. I decided never to plant it again, but I still have some seeds and this plant is so beautiful that I plan to plant them in my annual garden (plant is related to hibiscus) and just cut off the pods once they start to form.


For me, I wouldn’t grow potatoes and storage onions again. They were small and not worth the space and time. Plus, they are super cheap at the farmers market or grocery store.

Me too, I can’t seem to grow carrots, garlic and lettuce!!

I am trying to persevere with carrots this year but am not having much success for the time taken…