What crop has made you smile the most recently?

Here is mine, raspberry All Gold, I love them and the birds haven’t got wise to them yet being yellow, they are so sweet and taste (to me anyway) of hunny…


I guess my smileys were Monty’s 'Matoes. On Gardener’s World, he said you could grow cloned tomatoes from the suckers. ‘Naaah!’ I thought, ‘he must be daft.’ He wasn’t! I took some decent suckers and set them in compost. They flopped almost immediately. ‘Told you so!’ Within a week, they were standing up and - hey presto - tomato plants. That made me grin, let alone smile. He’s not so daft, after all!

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No he’s a star and I love learning something like that, I thought the same as you about digging up excess raspberry canes and replanting, a few years on most of our church have raspberries! Also currants, I even manage to start prunings without special soil, just cut and dunk them in the soil in a trench and the wonder of nature…New plants!

Beautiful photo as well as the fruit!

We have a lovely fig tree whose fruit is coming in strong now – beautiful soft green figs. So nice to pick them only when they’re soft and their inside is almost like syrup. Yum!

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