What am I doing wrong?

I planted a tray of 10each calabrese, cabbage, broccoli and caulli - was delighted when nearly every one showed its face. They grew to about an inch or so and then started to look burned/shrivelled. They are in the polytunnel and I’m sure they’ve had enough water. The second sowing looks a bit better but I am confused about the first lot. Were they too hot? Could it be the compost? Any suggestions?

Definitely could be too hot… those tunnels can get very hot with just a little bit of sun.

I would look for a cheap thermometer you can put in there and find out the temp.

I had issues with seversl veggies when I started my veggie garden four years ago and when I checked I found out the garden bed was 50 degrees Celsius.
Some shade cloth fixed it.

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All those are cool season crops and I have had to put shading up against one side of my little greenhouse this year as it was too hot at the end of March, which in Yorkshire is ridiculous! The other thing could be damping off disease, I seem to get that with cauliflowers in particular but the fact that they look shrivelled I bet it is the unseasonably nice weather! By the way, saw your plan the other day, WOW!


Many thanks. You are probably both right. I have moved the existing and re-sown as well. They will go in a cooler environment this time! Thanks.
It’s Murphy’s Law, isn’t it?
Who would have expected seedlings to fry in April? This certainly seems to be the case and I’ll be pinning double fleece up as shade cloth until the weather starts to behave seasonally. The polytunnel was 35degC today, as well as the grenhouse. Thanks again for the clear and sensible response.
Against all odds, I’ll soon be sharpening my hatchet and researching and practising the Native American rain dance!!
Oh heck! that was probably non-PC. Believe me, if any of the noble race of indigenous Americans are reading this, it was designed ot be the absolute opposite of offensive. They are far nearer to nature than many of us will ever be.

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I think gardeners have a pretty good sense of humour… and I can tell you in Australia we are often doing rain dances and prayers to Huey!

I am sure that is the case, we have a lot to learn :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah & then pray to Huey for less rain as we seem to experience more flooding now than we ever did!
Weird world in Oz these days. Coming into winter & tomorrow is forecast to be 27C & we live in (what was) a cooler part of Oz.

Hi there , Gypsy. A late reply but just read your post again. Here’s to hoping that you can put your Wellies (or chest waders) away now. Truly sorry if you were getting extremes of wet. Weather is just as weird in June in the UK. You know what they say about us - ’ we don’t have climate - we just have weather’ - well it is certainly is playing around. After rain dancing for weeks in desperation through May and into June, we had over 2" in the last few days in my part of the UK Midlands with a deluge predicted in the late morning. After that, a predicted prolonged spell of rainless dry ahead. Luckily, I got my act together over water butts and I’ve got over 150 gallons in store. Tomorrow I’ve got to get off my own butt and set out another plastic dustbin to overflow from my shed water but and catch what I can.
Every good wish down under. Being ‘up over’ is just as crazy, weather-wise.

19/6 -I caught another 70ltrs. I’ve bought some bigger butts s/h to meet future anomalies with 200 litres further capacity.

We have now had (20/6) 4" of rain in the last week or so. Crazy!!