Welcome to Dig for Victory! PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING

Welcome! This community is all about empowering gardeners to fight isolation and build resilience through growing food.
It’s a venture created by GrowVeg.com for the benefit of everyone affected by the coronavirus crisis. Our goal is to give folks a place to focus on something they can control: gardens and growing fresh, healthy food.

We want to keep this community as open and inclusive as possible. Please respect this by observing our five simple rules:

  1. No advertising or soliciting for services or money. If you own or work for a commercial website or business, please only mention it appropriately in reply to a question and say that you work for it.
  2. No profanity or abusive language. Let’s keep our community kind and caring.
  3. We all have differences but let’s be mindful of others and respectful of their opinions.
  4. Please keep on topic - this is about gardening and supporting each other while isolated. Start a new topic for new questions. If in doubt, please contact us to check first.
  5. Let’s be practical, respectful and supportive!

We rely on our community to help us meet these goals. If you see something that isn’t right, please don’t reply to it, just Flag it so that our moderators pick it up.

For further advice, please see our Discussion Guidelines page.