Watch out for a frost on both sides of the pond tonight and over the weekend!

Hi everyone, UK gardeners have been warned about a blast of cold air coming from the Artic and to wrap up their tender stuff, apparently it seems as though the same is happening in the US. Here is a link So if you push your luck with your planting dates (as I do, I’m afraid) then cover the plants up, bubblewrap them or at least move them to a sheltered area like the back wall of your house which is likely to be a bit of a warmer microclimate.

Thanks for the warning! I think the chilly air will be with us for the next few days. I was out late yesterday evening in my dressing gown running around like a headless chicken covering over plants with fleece!


Would so love to have filmed that!

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I’ve been known to rush out in the dead of night in wellies and pyjamas to throw covers over plants too! Non-gardening neighbours must think gardeners are bonkers :joy:


You’re not bonkers! I did the same several nights ago. Why spent a lot of time, effort and care nurturing your ‘babes’ to let ‘Jack Frost’ negate all that effort - day OR night?
We are past the frosts now in the UK Mids but, if there is a hint of a freak frost predicted, I’ll be out doing the same, even in the pyjamas!!! I don’t care what my neighbours think. They are a truly great neighbours but, on the whole, more ‘ornamentalist’.
If you want good harvest, you gotta be prepared to go the extra mile!