Tips for pests in North Mississippi

I thought I’d be much more ahead of the game by now, but a newborn, and these new circumstances keep me busy enough. I’ve been preparing a raised bed in my front yard to grow a few vegetables like pole beans, peppers, tomatoes, leafy greens and herbs. Because we live in a downtown city in North Mississippi we have several pests especially leafy greens. What plants or advice would you recommend to combat those darn pests?


Sacrificial plants…
If you don’t want to use pesticides then plant some sacrificial plants in a spot in the garden away from your precious crops.

I would go for lettuce, basil, and tomatoes… Don’t fertilise them, just water them… in time bugs will go for the weaker pl asntscand leave your healthy one alone…

However if you have caterpillars then get some BT and safely inoculate your plants and soil.