There is no off season vacation from gardening

My garden is all packed up for the off season months, until I can plant again in the spring. The first hard frost came early, on September 8th, I had covered all my tender plants, but 23 degrees (f) was just too cold and I ended up having to pull everything that was not cold hardy. I had just piled everything in the garden, until I could get it into the compost, but it wasn’t until the middle of August that I was able to. We had heavy rain, wind, and when it finally stopped I had painting to get done (one whole shed, 2 sheds got a touch up, and the house trim). Of coarse before I could add anything to the compost I had to sift out the finished stuff and I ended up taking out 4 wheelbarrow loads. Then, I added 8 new loads to the compost, making a nice stacked cake of new, old, new, old, and so on. I had so much that my pile reached the max level I could build it and I had to start a new pile, where I usually add new stuff (from the house) through the winter (or cold months) and it ended up being nearly 3 feet tall! I think I am going to have a lot of extra compost in the spring, I don’t know what I am going to do with it all. Do people sell home compost?

I also, got my greenhouse cleaned and moved potted plants into it. As, I have a greenhouse kit, I made sure all the bolts were tightened and I had to fix one of the polycarbonate panels on the roof, as it had come out of one of the holders. I had to remove a paper wasp nest as well, which fell behind a shelf and I still need to find it, lol. Maybe, the spiders will take care of them for me!

I might be done with all the heavy work, but I am still working on gardening. I’m planning next seasons garden and making my planting plan. I’m a seed saver, so I have been getting seeds ready to put into envelopes (that I made). Though, there are some things that I haven’t been able to save seeds for (because of different reasons), so I have gotten those ordered, plus a few new things to try (that I didn’t really need, like a few more tomato varieties). One of the places I ordered from, sends a free seed packet with your order and the free seed packet is: Kohlrabi. I’ve never to my knowledge have eaten it nor have I grown it. So, there’s another new thing to grow and try, maybe I’ll really like it and keep it in my seed supply. I still have other things to get ready, like making my paper pots to start seeds in, but that usually does not take too long.

As, I see it there is no off season vacation from gardening. It might be less physically demanding, but it still has to do with gardening. I love all parts of it, it can evolve loads of mental and physical work and I get to play in the dirt!

So, how is everyone’s gardening going? What do you do in the off season to get ready?


im doing an over winter veg crop this year after watching youtube you can plant beans onions and garlic and even start off sweetpeas in the greenhouse, im excited to get early crops

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That’s awesome, would love to hear how it goes! I would love to do that, but my greenhouse is not heated, so it is barely over the temperature of the outside, at least in the cold months. When, I start all my seeds I have to do it inside, under lights. Then, I can start hardening the cool weather crops mid April and towards the end of May I can start hardening the tender crops.