Sweet pea seed germination

Can someone please tell me how to germinate the seeds I collected from my Bijou sweet peas last year? They are still in their pods. It’s a bit warm yet - in Qld - to sow seedlings but I imagine I should be starting to germinate the seeds.

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Accepted advice for growing sweet peas says that you ought to either knick the seed with a knife or soften the seed case by soaking them over night in water to aid germination. I am not the most careful person so rather than loose a finger I do the water and it works. Then although they are very delicate blooms they are surprisingly robust plants, they will germinate happily in a cold greenhouse or on a window sill. Just one other tip, don’t sow them anywhere near mice, I have a resident “lodger” in my greenhouse who has finished off my first 3 batches this year, mine are now indoors climbing up the windowsills!

All I did was take my peas out of the old pod and put them in a pot. My suggestion is fill the pot 2/3 and pop in your seed put soil ontop to the top of the pot and gently tamp down.

I water mine morning and night with a light spray from the hose. We are very dry at the moment so I need to keep the moisture up. I am also in Qld… Bundy to be precise and it is good to plant for me!

In the photo these seedlings are a 9 days old and booming. They are home grown from last year. In the row behind the peas are only just now starting to sprout.


I don’t like knives for nicking seeds either. The lady I buy my seeds from suggested a nail clipper instead of a knife, which I thought was a good idea.

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