Soil blocking method

has anyone tried to start there seeds using the soil block method. Just wanted to know how it worked out for you.

Hi, I’m not sure what you mean by soil blocks. I have used blocks of soil and peat and have had really good results. I don’t know if the sell the brand where you are but they’re by Jiffy.

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I have used soil blocks to start seeds for three years or so now. I bought three sizes: 3/4”, 2”, and 4”. Most seeds I start in the 3/4 then pot on to the 2. I hardly ever have used the 4.

Thanks for the tip, i just got the 2 inch only, Ive been trying to get tips on how to mix the soil.

I have tried a few different formulas that I found online, some better than others; however, after experiencing one disastrous season when I measured wrong and NOTHING germinated, now I just buy the best potting soil, screen it fine, add some perlite (crushed and screened), play in the mud :grin:, and it has worked very well.

Thats what i was afraid of trying to measuring the soil amounts per the recipients i have found, in which i am not good at it, but i will try to tip you using, so I can play in the mud. lol