So who are you talking to?

This made me smile, have found myself talking to tomatoes (they are really perceptive) the bees (too busy) and the robin that follows us round the garden, and those are only the ones I’ m admitting to…


We’re either all nuts or perhaps we are connected and earthed! I always open up my polytunnel with the quite audible greetings - “How are my little beauties doing this morning, eh?” (or something like) and the chatter goes on all the time I am around in the garden. I talk to my robin, the pair of our ‘adopted wood pigeons’, to anything that moves and to a lot of things that don’t. We’re not ‘peculiar’ - or senile - or ready for the rubber room. The world around us is alive (and often a lot more vibrant than I feel!) so it is hardly irrational to express ourselves within it. I couldn’t care less if my neighbours overhear me - they’re probably not having as much joy as I’m having with dry, tiny, insignificant seeds bourgeoning into life to provide beautiful splendour or amazing nourishment.

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It obviously isn’t just us! Even I haven’t got to this stage yet!


I think the dog and cat are over me constantly asking then questions…

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Hahahahahaha!! This was great! :+1:t2: