So how do we feel about pests now?

I have always been in 2 minds about most pests that I encounter in the garden or down the allotment, I love doing the Big Bug Hunt and the fascination I have gleaned from that outweighed the fact that sometimes my crops were reduced to shreds…After one full week of lockdown I have just found a snail in the greenhouse and caught myself snarling at it that it had better watch out there will be no more merciful trips to the compost heap this season! Am obviously loosing the plot completely, but wondered has anyone else ramped up their personal pest treatment in the face of having to really grow their own families food?

Not yet - but I haven’t seen much activity from pests so far. I did put a couple of wireworm on the bird feeder yesterday though. Holey potatoes or well-fed birds? I know which I prefer :smiley:


Yes, I killed two black beetles that I found in my asparagus bed yesterday. I was not at all happy to see them.

I was thrilled to see a thrush finishing off a snail on our path earlier and I found and cleaned up all our envrironmesh and have now got to rack my brains for something to support it with!


I chased a deer out of my"produce isle" last night by turning on my truck lights and beeping the horn…I love the remote starter!!

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