Show us your garden!

With plants beginning to put on good growth, I thought this might be a good time to share photos of each others’ gardens. No need for perfect weed free tidy plots - in fact I think it’s nicer to see what real gardens look like!

Here’s mine for starters. Overwintered garlic is looking good, shallots and peas are not so great (more rain needed!), brassicas are doing well under the netting and spinach is going great guns between the tattie rows, while the apple trees are coming into bloom at the back. Hardening off is in full swing in the sheltered spot behind

the netting tunnel, and the strawberries and blueberries are starting to flower.


Here you go, some pics of the plot…


Looking great! Very lush, and packed full of interesting plants.

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This was taken last week. I currently have the marigolds all covered because of the cold weather the past few nights. The peas and lettuce are doing nicely. My tiny asparagus patch is producing well. I still need to get my herbs into the herb spiral. I have flowers on my strawberries in the strawberry pot and flowers on my blackberry brambles. So far so good!


That’s a wonderful space!

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Looks lovely! It will be gorgeous in summer too I bet, with those colourful marigolds up the side.

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This is where I grow most the vegetables at. I have peas and carrots up and my brown mustard I just planted last week. In the raised beds from left to right are: strawberries, onions, leeks, garlic and the asparagus patch. I’ve already harvested some rhubarb and asparagus :slight_smile:

My greenhouse is getting a little tight with tender plants. I’ve been trying to move things around to make room, as I’m planting up more things. Soon the basil will be moving into it. Sorry about the mess next to it, I have been removing a very sad lilac that was growing there. I just finished the stump removal yesterday, so now I need to fill back in the hole.

This is my pea row, with my curtain rod and bamboo trellis, which I still need to add more twine.


I love the wooden path edged with rocks!

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It looks fantastic, so well organised and productive, and fun!