Rosemary on Anzac Day

Rosemary is traditionally worn on Anzac Day. Rosemary has particular significance for Australians as it is found growing wild on the Gallipoli peninsula. The story is that all rosemary planted at the Cenotaphs are propagated from actual cuttings taken home by the soldiers.

This year will be a very different Anzac day for all of us and everyone will be celebrating in their own unique way instead of the traditional dawn service.

I popped down to the local Anzac Cenotaph and with the rosemary in flower and laden with seeds I decided to take some seeds with the intention to germinate them and next year give plants away at the next dawn service.

I have not had a lot of success germinating rosemary seeds but after a bit of research I think I might have some luck this time… however any tips will be most welcome!


What a lovely way to honour the herbs, in the language of flowers from Victorian Times Rosemary meant remembrance and amazing that it grew there wild…I did wonder if you might do better with cuttings than seed? I do better with cuttings, I just snip a bit off a non flowering side shoot and stick it in a half compost, half sand mixture and most of them grow well.


What a wonderful story. Thank you. I’ve not tried rosemary seeds but have great success with lavender seeds using peat blocks. Once germinated they’re easily transferred to a pot or garden.


What lovely pictures! I never thought about growing rosemary from seed! You have given me an insightful inspiration! :relaxed:

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Hi there - Happy ANZAC Day tomorrow - 25th. I’m a bit of an ANZAC fan. Had we not moved in retirement to a home with a spacious garden, I would have been using my time to create a series of dioramas of the amazing Battle of Beersheba in which your Lighthorsemen did some amazing stuff. The film of that name on Yuotube is in my top 3. I still mourn for all the Walers that were left behind! When I plant my rosemary seeds I will now remember those brave men. Have a good 25th…


I have never had successes with cuttings but I am willing to give it another go.