Plant pot saucers

Does anyone know where I can source a dozen plastic plant pot trays? - 10"/30cm (you know, the thingies that go under the pots to allow bottom watering) My supplier seems to have run out. Can live without them but they would be a great boon.
Last year’s toms had a root ball high in the pot and so I want to get them to go down and search and make a better root.

I know what you mean. Have you looked in you Tupperware drawer? I bet you have lots of lids without bottoms or saucers that don’t match any cups? Nothing like recycling :joy:


While watching a gardening show that was touring places in Cuba, I noticed that a lot of residents reused gallon milk jugs, two liter bottles, etc. If in a bind and you don’t care how they look, you can cut the bottom of a gallon milk jug and control the height that you want

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Thanks for the idea, Kathy - sadly my tom pot bottoms are about 10" - I would stand them in grow bag trays but getting them level is kinda ‘fun’. Thanks again for the reply

G’day laner
I use foil BBQ trays. I presume you can get something similar in the UK (I’m in Oz) which I use to bottom water my plants. Especially good if the weather is going to be warm & I have to go away for a couple of days. By using the foil containers, I know my plants will be alive when I get back.

Are you talking about the saucers that go underneath a pot? If so, I purchased mine from Home Depot at a reasonable cost. The bigger plant trays can be found at

Those are they. Got some from thelincseffect on ebay. Not cheap but ought to last a lifetime.

Sounds like a sound idea. I do so like re-use before recycling.
In the UK, thelincseffect on eBay now seem to have good supply of saucers (5/June).