Old codgers really don't like being messed about

Tonight - actually early this morning - tried to log in to my GrowVeg garden plan - bought and paid for for many a day ahead. Without any real warning, the game plan had changed. The instructions to get the ‘new’ plan were not at all useful, however hard I tried to comply.
**Hi there - GrowVeg - get it sorted or my subscription will stop abruptly.
This is the 21st Century and if you can’t get your act together, it is a crying shame!
We’re all decent gardeners trying to communicate and promote ‘home grown’ - why have you changed the game plan and not made it clearly and simply accessible?
Of course, as always, I may be well out of order and there is a simple reason why I can’t reach my garden plan as usual.
I’m sure that you will explain what I have done wrong.
However, please don’t reply with some inconsequential email - phone 01283 329264 after 2pm and carefully and simply explain why I can’t access a site that I have paid for.
Every good wish but don’t take too long

Hi @laner8673. I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing problems accessing the Garden Planner. We haven’t released the new Garden Planner yet - that will become available later this year - so it’s likely something to do with Flash Player on your computer. (Most browsers now expect you to enable or unblock it, even if it’s correctly installed.)

If the on-screen directions aren’t working for you, please email us at info(at)growveg.com letting us know which browser and computer operating system you’re using, and we’ll be able to help. (Sorry - as we’re a small team working with customers in many different time zones, we aren’t normally able to offer support by phone unless there’s no other way to resolve a problem.)

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After a bit of faffing abut, I eventually managed to access my garden plan, more by luck than judgement.
The new problem is that the new regime insists that I let Adobe Flash in as a ‘normal’ app. My computer tells me that Flash is the most-used access for hackers and cyber interlopers and, as such, I have previously done the 'allow once only’ option. This option seems no longer to be available. Progress or not?
What does Growveg have to say?
I am well and truly back with you but AM I SAFE?

I would like to assure you that your content and data is safe with us. The Garden Planner meets all the industry standard security requirements, and we do daily security scans on our servers.

I think the message you are seeing refers to Flash Player not being secure; this message means that Flash Player is due to be replaced, as it is being disabled at the end of this year. In the meantime it is still secure and supported by Adobe.

We are working on a new version of the Garden Planner that won’t rely on Flash Player. We expect the beta-test version to become available for testing within the next few weeks, with the full version following later in the year and work to add support for mobile devices starting from next year.

Please see this page on our website for more information: https://www.growveg.com/newversion.aspx

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Thanks Heidi - sorry to have been a bore.

No problem. We are always here to help. :slightly_smiling_face: