No-dig to part dig

Got everything ready and seeds sown for a no-dig extensive no-dig home garden and then - lock down - can’t get the tons of manure delivered. So - 2 long beds can be utilised as is, due to heavy composting previously but others have to be dug over (previously established lawn after spraying) . Any tips or ‘encouraging comments’ re weed opposition in this tricky year?
Hope all gardeners and wanabee new gardeners are doing OK.

Have you any access to any type of mulch that could act as a weed suppressant? I know its too early to mow the rest of your lawn but if that hasn’t been sprayed then grass clippings (if all else fails) can be really beneficial. Here is a link the other thing is weed membrane which I hesitate to recommend you buy it as it is plastic but if you already have some it that can be useful. Although some people recommend sun sterilisation with black plastic bin bags I wouldn’t go down that route as it kills all the beneficial bacteria too. I tend to just be on weeds as soon as they poke up with a cobra head weeder and yank them out asap. The one good thing about lockdown is we will all know every weed in our garden and when it appears as we can’t escape it, but then this year neither can the weeds!

If you have cardboard or newspaper that makes a good weed suppressant too.

For areas that can’t be covered, weekly hoeing should keep everything at least under control (even perennial weeds) until you’re able to get beds mulched.

Ohhh… we have had a problem trying to get manure, too! I see stacks of it on the Internet - just sitting there in our garden store’s online shop and we can’t go out to get it! (Senior over 65) However, we called them and they said they would deliver for USD $35 … So, I think we are going to order several bags of it to spread around other areas of our garden and perhaps pick up a few other things to make the payment worthwhile. (Senior’s budget, you know)

Beloved son No 3 fetched us cartloads of commercial compost and the season is now practicable. Eureka,* the eight 4ft rows of gutter-sown peas went in today and hopefully most if not all of the beans go into the ground tomorrow. Against the odds of weather + Covid19, I’ve got a gut feeling that we are going to produce a fair bit of good food unless nature has other disasters up its sleeve! Over next winter we can build up the beds to a proper no-dig status.

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Well done him! He knows how to keep you happy!

I thought this cartoon was just for me as one of my birthday pressies was a lot of compost but maybe it applies to you too?0df81c80ae26e8f1b207e7c175b84c52


Spot on!
They say “Where there’s muck, there’s money.”
Where there’s muck, there’s good crops, eh?