Need help identifying plant disease

My okra has leaves that look scorched. I can’t find anything that looks like this in reference material. Any ideas?

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Hi there, Manana. Don’t be too discouraged as across the western world at least as we are all contemplating the damage done by sometimes unidentified pests and climatic vagaries. Gardeners are forced on to the defensive due to unprecedented conditions.
I personally can’t identify the pest you’re getting from the single photo. We are seriously hindered by an unidentified bug in the UK which precedes the Cabbage White. It seems to hit seedlings as well as more mature plants.
Come on, fellow gardeners, give him/her a bit of help! Please!
I can’t but some of you can suss this pest out.
By the way, a warm welcome to the forum where we are all learning from each other in a climatically weird and wonderful year.
Every good wish

Thank you! I think it was just the type of plant since they grew and produced well after all!

Now to get ready for next year…

Hope things are improving on your side of the pond!