My shed stinks of garlic!

I had a couple of bulbs in there waiting to be planted for a while, and they started sprouting so I finally planted them, but the shed absolutely reeks of garlic now, anyone got any tips on how to get rid of the smell? I’ve had the doors open all day a few times to no avail. Any ideas?!

Could you put some dried herbs in there in the hope that a few bunches of those absorb the smell? Lavender and lemon balm are both good if you have them…

I like the dried herbs idea, plus it’ll be super appropriate given I live in Shrewsbury.


Very, Cadfael! My fave! Just watch out for wolfsbane!!!

‘Love the frock’, citizen, but it may be a bit warm for this turn in the weather. A great shed, eh what? Greetings to you and Shrewsbury - I am on the directly opposite side of Lichfield Diocese (i.e. in East Staffs). Walked from you to Lichfield years ago. Greetings and best wishes.
Don’t quite understand the aroma - we always have cloves in the kitchen and, until it gets crushed , can’t tell it’s there.
TRY FABREEZE!! or Neutrodol!

Yes, I don’t really understand it either, maybe the smell’s been absorbed into the wood somehow? It’s less strong now anyway. Still want to do the dried herbs thing though. Still, I mourn the loss of the ‘new shed’ smell of fresh pine wood.