Medieval hack for my garden

I’m rather proud of this hack to keep my dogs out of my raised beds - originally I had planned to go buy fencing, but there was a 2-hour line to get into Home Depot, so…

We were pruning back the bushes so put the waste to good use! I think it looks better than conventional fencing :slight_smile:

image image


I like your supports! I make the supports for my raspberries from cuttings, lol. It’s cheaper than buying the materials.


Well done both of you, I too have resorted to using buddleia stems for my sweet peas, strip the leaves off some and they are really straight, and twiggy pea sticks do the job brilliantly as plant supports. Seems the “medieval mob” were right after all…


I couldn’t agree more! Ive been making pea teepees out of pruned branches from shrubs for two years. I’d rather spend my money on seeds and plants! The results are unique and quirky and work great.