Linking Water Butts

Hi folks,

I’m trying to install 2 water butts off my shed (butt A and butt B), but due to the space and fences etc I won’t be able to reach B at all once installed.

So I want to set them up so that I can use tap A to drain both A and B. Is that possible?

Also, I don’t want it to be possible that B is full and A is empty.

My plan is:

  • Have the gutters drain into the top of B.
  • Drill a hole in the side at the bottom of A.
  • Link B to A from B’s tap hole to the drilled hole in A.

Would that work? Is there a better way?

My only worry is that the water pressure will be low when the butts are half full. Is there a way to keep A full while also using B’s capacity? Apart from stacking them on top of each other :smile: But that’s essentially the effect I want! A stays full so long as the total amount of water exceeds 1 butts worth and I have twice the capacity. But how? A siphon maybe?


It’s unlikely that you are going to get enough pressure from butts for a hose - it’s cans. Then it’s more a matter of patience. With the right drill and connector kit, you can connect butts near their bases. Otherwise a cheap boat submersible bilge pump (poss s/h on eBay) can be used with 12v battery to transfer water from one butt to another. Purpose-made gardener’s water pumps and kit can be a bit expensive. Stand by for other folks’ ideas which are probably better.

Thanks! Yes I’m only planning on using it with a can, not a hose. I think a powered pump is overkill for what I want. I reckon linking at the bottoms is my best bet. Now I just need to a find a shop that’s open so I can buy one!!!

I don’t have any experience of this personally but I did think the graphic in this might be useful

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ebay is fairly global - there should be plenty of kits on there. If it’s a plastic butt, drill a bit at a time or the plastic can go sticky with heat.

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Thanks all. I’ll look into buying a linking kit and linking from the bottom. Managed to order the guttering etc from screwfix and even managed to fit 3 meter sections of gutter in my car! Will try to post pics as the project moves to completion :slight_smile: