Is fine insect netting worth it? Or will it prevent polination...?

I bought some 0.8mm hole insect netting with the hope of maximizing yields but then pollination…? Seems like I can’t have it both ways. Is it only some plants that need insect pollination? Is netting not really the way to go? Maybe just bird netting is better than the really fine stuff? What crops has it been good for? All advice welcome

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It depends what you’re trying to grow. Some plants like fruit bushes need pollination, so it’s best to use bird netting for these, but for brassicas or carrots that don’t need to be pollinated I’d go for fine insect netting - bird netting isn’t fine enough to exclude cabbage white butterflies or cabbage root flies and carrot root flies from laying their eggs.


The puzzle of what goes where and with what gets deeper. I found this and I guess the answer is to plant the ones that don’t need pollinating in the same bed so i can keep them closely netted and the ones who do need pollinating together in another bed so i can let some insects in. I’m assuming if I open it to let the useful insects get in then so will the nasties rendering the netting obsolete. Is it then a case of it is still better to have as i can squash the ones in there while stopping more entering?

It depends on the crops that you are planting really, all brassicas are good grown together for convenience as you can net the lot. Carrots if they are grown in a pot or container that is higher than 45cm don’t need netting as carrot rust fly only flies that high. Have you found the Sowing to Harvest videos on the growveg site? They show you a crop right from beginning to end with all the tricks and tips we all use here are a couple

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Sound, straightforward advice. We’d expect nothing less from you, dear Veggie. All the best
Same goes for your comments, Susie. Spot on.

A lot of folk are looking for scaffold or debris netting to keep the insect pests at bay. That’s what I’ve got for my brassicas and carrots and hope it lets enough rain through.

We’re getting (UK Mids - at least, why I am) a lot more small cabbage white than their bigger cousins at the moment (27/6) and thankfully they are spending more time on the wife’s nasturtiums than they are looking for my veggies.!!!

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