Interplanting and issues of crop rotation

I’m trying to rotate my crops and have put potatoes where I had previously had chard and spinach growing - how does this possibly fit with the idea of crop inter-planting. Can anyone suggest alternatives to Spinach (the potatoes would be the 3rd year rotation in this instance.)

Hi, Interplanting is when you add a small crop in that you know will be mature before the larger crop nearby will need the space, it is a good way to get a few more crops out of a small area. Corn planted with little lettuce plans in between is a good example, the corn will grow bigger and fill the gap but by the time it does so the lettuce will have been taken out and eaten. Here is an article on crop rotation, brassicas are good after potatoes, kohlrabi is nice and it doesn’t sprawl so that is a good one, kale and mizuna are nice too, but if you choose mizuna cover it up last year flea beetles left mine like doilies!

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I have found Charles Dowding on YouTube helpful in dispelling hard myths about rotation and inter-planting. Club root evidence means moving brassicas and there are other cases but, on the whole, it doesn’t seem to be so vital. Give it a look and make up your own mind. By the way, WELCOME to the forum.