How to Keep Your Victory Garden Healthy All Season Long Planting out a victory garden is one thing, but keeping it thriving all season long is another one. Here are some tips on how to maintain your vegetable garden

Some tips to keep those Victory Gardens thriving from Hobby Farms…

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A useful sort-of guide but short-winded when it comes to the UK at the current time. In some ways we are tearing our hair out but - God bless nature- things seem to keep growing or swelling!
On my own plot, I’m constantly pulling out horsetail to hopefully one day drive it into obscurity. I have to be selective with heavy watering and do my best to bend over and lift out nascent weeds.
We - in the Mids UK - are suffering a very grey but not very wet climate (sorry - weather) - it needs to make up its mind to do the best for our efforts - give us sun OR rain but not this useless dull and unhelpful situation!
A lot of my stuff was late but quite a lot is showing good signs.
I am currently feeling a temp sense of euphoria after a decent first pea harvest and some really ‘good-to-be-proud-of’ early spuds but we are all aware that we have to be vigilant to make sure that following crops do their best - with our help.
Because my neighbours for 200 yards (at least) each way , bless them, don’t have veg gardens, I have not been visited by the usual pests - YET!

Come on - you wonderful and tentative and creative UK gardeners (with, believe me, every respect and affection for you overseas) - what are you doing to ensure that your precious crops are going to make some use of this weird and wonderful Spring and early Summer?
I’ve just (15/7/2020) collected a IBC container to collect twice as much rainfall from a projected 8x6 roof extension from my shed to collect 220 gallons /1000ltrs of precious recourse.
Tell us what you are doing.- please.
We need to share and help each other.

A few weeks ago I was short of space. Now that the Broad Beans have gone as well as a lot of the peas, I looking to fill that space. Onion crop sways between decent and mediocre./
Winter brassicas are sown but are taking their time.
What else is going on in the gardening world in the UK midlands - National and far beyond.
Please tell us - that’s what it’s all about!

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