Homemade fertiliser

There was an article or video that I saw recently on GrowVeg where fertiliser was made with banana skins and coffee grounds, but I can’t find it! Could someone point me in the right direction or tell me what else to add. Thanks :pray:

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Here you go: https://www.growveg.com/guides/6-sensational-gardening-hacks/

Eggshells are the additional secret ingredient :slightly_smiling_face:


My starts are needing to be planted outdoors but our cold weather is still hanging on with us. Is there a homemade solution that would be a nice feeding for them until they can be settled into their outdoor beds? Or is the above link ok to use for indoor starts. Thank you very much!

Young plants don’t normally need much/any feeding - they should get plenty of nutrition from the potting mix in their containers. If they’re getting too big for their containers it’s best to pot them on into bigger containers with some extra potting mix to keep them growing well.