Help Identifying

I see this honey comb looking nest under a leaf on my squash plant. Since I am new to gardening I have never seen this before. Friend of foe if anyone knows please.

Where in the world are you? :earth_americas:

They look to me like they could be assassin bug eggs.

I am in North Carolina near the Raleigh area.Yesterday I decided to take it off the plant since I hadn’t figured out what it was. Now that read about assassin bugs and see picture I think you might be right. Now sorry that I took off from what I read about them I peeled it off and it was sticky and underneath the comb looking area there were the eggs. I checked the plant again best I could for any more but, didn’t see any. Will leave on if I find more.
Where are you from and where does your garden grow? :slight_smile:
Thanks for responding! Today I am going to start my battle with grasshoppers!

Glad I could help. I am in the valleys of South Wales, although originally from Canada. I always have the best intentions for my garden but with two toddlers it doesn’t often go to plan! Plus I really enjoy photographing bugs for the Big Bug Hunt so have been known to sacrifice plants for photo opportunities! :slight_smile: