Growing Avocados

Does anyone have any experience growing avocado trees? When can I transplant the sapling into a different pot? And what kind of soil?

Funny story…

First: I don’t like avocados, I think they taste like wet chalk. Others in my family disagree and I’m sure some of you would as well, lol.

Second: My mother, has tired many times growing an avocado from the stone and has had no luck. Which just makes the next part ironic.

Third: I always find the rubbery stones in the compost and think I some how have gotten a bouncy ball in there, but then I think about it and realize they are avocado stones. This year while shifting and turning the compost to put into the garden for the growing season, I found a few of the rubbery balls and one had a root sticking out of it. So, I planted it into a pot, because I like growing things and I like plants. I stuck it in the greenhouse and waited for what might happen (that was May 27).

Forth: The stone cracked open and I had a little avocado peeking out at me.

Fifth: I have a nice looking little avocado sapling, that seems to be thriving well, but will have to be brought indoors for winter. Which is why I’m asking about what I need to do, I don’t want it to die when I bring it indoors. I’m excited and want to see it thrive and grow. I can’t get rosemary to live through the winter indoors, but the house plants seem to live just fine.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

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I have no experience and like your Mum have tried and tried but they look fantastic!

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It’s growing much faster then I thought it would. I do love plants and hope it makes a great house plant, at least through the winter and cold, but it can definitely go back out in the summer again. I only put it into a temporary plastic pot, because I didn’t know if it was even going to do anything and figured I should be able to transplant it into a better pot in the Fall.

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Hello from California. I will tell you what I know although I haven’t grown them myself. Almost everyone I know of says you need two, and typically you need one of each of a different variety, otherwise they will not be pollinated. It’s apparently because the male and female flowers don’t open at the same time on the same tree. Naturally male and female flowers need to be open at the same time. Also, it takes about 10-15 years to get the first one. If you like it just as a house plant, that’s probably the best you can get out of it :slight_smile: