French Tarragon

I am looking to source French tarragon starts.(It has to be starts, because as I understand it, French tarragon never bolts and goes to seed.) My husband has recently become obsessed with it and has spent a small fortune on those herb packets from the grocery store. I’m looking to reduce my grocery bill by half and grow it myself. (Okay, half is a bit of an exaggeration.) I have found them on Burpee, but the customer reviews are not that great. As I am looking at other places, it gets confusing as some websites do not distinguish between French, Mexican or Russian and the French variety is far superior for culinary use.

I am also hoping there may be someone in Idaho that grows tarragon that can give me some tips on keeping it alive. This is my second year gardening and I have murdered my fair share of plants already. I live in Caldwell, Idaho and it gets hellishly hot in the summer. It feels that way to me anyway. Will tarragon survive these conditions?

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I grew French tarragon last year but it wasn’t from seed. I spotted it at Fred Meyer in Spokane WA so bought one. It grew in a hot dry spot in my yard very well. I am not sure if you have a Fred Meyer in your Idaho town but if you do you may want to check if you can’t get seeds. The plant was only about $2.50 and I got a few other herbs at the same time. They had a curry plant which I read is not a cooking herb but smells wonderful and also culinary lavender.

I picked and quick dried the French tarragon in my oven on warm (wanted to try this rather than my food dehydrator). It dried fine and has great flavor but turned a little brown because the heat was a little high. I’ll stick with the dehydrator this year. Hope you find seeds.

I forgot to mention that I don’t think it survives winter in my zone (6b) but if it does I will let you know and see about getting you a couple snips to grow


Hello, I don’t live in US but I found this article online and wondered if it might help you if you can buy a bunch of tarragon from your supermarket or greengrocer.

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This is a great suggestion, thank you. I had considered it but wanted to avoid using root hormone to start it. I have heard that you’re not supposed to consume any part of a plant that was propagated this way for a full year. I will definitely try starting a couple this way but I’m hoping to still get one that will be edible this season.

Thanks again!

I never use commercial rooting hormone, I use honey from my late father’s hives. If you need to buy honey for this purpose try to get an untreated one, maybe organic.

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