'Fizzy Disease' Mystery

No, it’s not a hoax! Two of my first sowings of 40-seed module trays - Boltardy beetroot and Sturon onions were giving a pathetic show. Couldn’t work out why. The last time I watered them from the top, part of the tray of each gave off what looked like steam (no, they weren’t THAT hot and I hadn’t had one over the eight) that lasted only a second. It was like a ‘fizz’. I quickly pulled them out of the growhouse and any recoverable compost is going in the collected recycling bin and nowhere near my other stuff.
Any ideas as to what was gong on? I’ve not got a clue.
It’s been a Springtime of mysteries!!

I’ve given up this year on Sturon seeds (far too late for me) and got an eBay bargain of Sturon sets (a bit late but I’m giving it a go) Lockdown prices - £12 for a 100 - the pack had 140 and every one a winner - no duds as far as I can tell! I’ll probably use about 90-odd and sprout the rest on and give them away.

That is very puzzling. I’ve been thinking about it and can only come up with a chemical reaction. Is it possible that the potting compost had an element that was very acidic, such as a clump of sulphur (or very alkaline, such as a clump of lime) and your water was the opposite, very alkaline (or acidic) and you got that classic science homework volcano effect? That would account for the fizzing, not sure about the steam though.
It’s certainly intriguing.
Good luck with your onions. I’ve given up on Sturon and Stuttgarter, I’ve not done well woth them for a long time. I’m using Japanese Yellow Senshyu for short term use, Jaune Paille du Vertus and Roseanne for storage. And Walking onions for the first time, this year will just be for establishing the bed, with harvesting starting next year.

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Thanks for getting back. I am coming to the conclusion that tit was a compost problem. Both trays were sown at same time and taken from same compost batch. A bit weird, though. Never had it before. Thanks for taking an interest. By the way, the Sturon sets look promising - rooting already.
Don’t know about weather in C France but I hope you’re getting more rain than we are in E Staffs, UK. Best wishes across the channel.

It has been unseasonably hot this last week. We had a thunderstorm forecast for yesterday afternoon but someone obviously forgot to to let it know and it didn’t turn up. We had a few millimetres overnight, enough to settle the dust and postpone our hay making plans for today but nothing serious. I hope you get some good rain soon, I don’t suppose you have drought tolerant plantings there.
We had the warmest winter on record and the last three summers have been extremely dry, not a drop of rain for 12 plus weeks each year. I’m glad to have sheep, naturally coping with the poor grass in the drier conditions and I’m lucky to have a water source available to them in their fields. My neighbours, who have cows, are transporting thousands of litres of water every day to them.

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