Do a bit of 'future' planting

This dreadful cloud caused by the virus got me down. At 73 with underlying health issues, it is not a happy scenario. It doesn’t help being a ‘toy-boy’ - the Mrs is 74 with her own health problems. I sat mysef down and gave myself a bit of a talking-to. The outcome was I have bought another Gage tree which will take few years to mature a little and give us some delicious fruit. It was my gesture of hope for the future in gardening terms. Dig now for the present - and invest in ‘life beyond Covid19’. PLANT SOME HOPE!!


Brilliant idea, I love gages, have you got 2 of them or is it one that is self fertile? I was looking at those myself this year and wimped out and got another plum (we have 4) as I knew I would have to get 2 past hubby rather than just the one! I am self isolating too, most frustrating, health issues don’t half get in the way!

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Hi SusieH - bought a Vicky Plum and a Cambridge Gage last year and both have taken and are prospering. Gage is self-fertile. For me, Gages make the sweetest fruit and the finest jam and so I thought - why not two? I must have a thing about Cambridge as ten Cambridge Favourite strawberries are on their way, too! Hoping for a better fruit year in 2020. Last year the apple was pretty sparse. Look after yourself and think ahead!

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Gages are beautiful and much less readily available I was hankering after a Pershore Yellow, I think it was called and got an Opal plum instead. Last year I self pollinated our large Bramley apple tree. When the blossom came out I just didn’t see enough bumblebees around so much to the amusement of the family Mum got her step ladders out and made like a bee! Hope I don’t need to do so this year…


I refuse to be deflated by this insidious virus - at 73 with diabetes & blood pressure, I have come to the conclusion that good sense may well prevail if we use the proper advice and exclude all idiots that seem to think that this is a fantasy created by boneheads and yet most committed to national survival… As a Labour member, I thank God that Boris is recovering. No-one is more ready to get us through. This is REAL!!
Bless all for fellow gardeners at EASTER
Bless you all - UK of wherever, across the vulnerable globe.

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