Daily gardening suggestions for adults and kids

Hey everyone. Thought it would be fun if we could share ideas and inspiration for different daily gardening suggestions. I’ll get us started.

With the weather warming up, now is a great time to sow a patch of wild flowers for pollinators such as bees. This is a great project for both adults and kids! Rake over dug ground to leave a fine and crumbly texture, then scatter seeds evenly over the surface. Rake the seeds in and water if it’s dry. Seedlings should pop up in a matter of days. Wild flowers are great for all sorts of insects - pollinators to help pollinate our crops, but also for predators such as hoverflies which will also help to gobble up pests like aphids.


Sounds good what kind of flowers do you suggest? What do bees prefer?

We have seen our first bees and butterflies in the garden in the last few days which really lifts the spirit. I will have to see if we have any wildflowers seeds in the seed box!


I heard that bees like really complicated flowers the more exotic the better is this right?

Sunflowers are great for kids to plant because they’re quite quick and soon grow taller than them! They also attract lots of pollinators.


Love the photo Chris - what an adorable little person you have there!

Yesterday my daughter and I sowed some radishes into plug trays. Isla is going to have her own little bed and wants her own plants to grow. She also pricked out some bulb onions and celery (very fiddly - needed the utmost in concentration!). If nothing else she’ll be picking up some great life skills growing her own. Let’s hope she’ll like eating the results too…


What a cutie, what variety are you planting?

Son no3 is at home in lock-down with young infant in London who can’t go to nursery. He’s got some trellis and some compost. I’m putting together some seeds for him and her - they only have a yard with no earth. Sending him some sunflower, runner bean, tomato and cucumber seeds - spring onion and lettuce + others and hope they can make a creative and educational scenario as well as get some edible results! For them. vertical in pots seems to be the answer.


Good on you - that’s a great idea. I’m sure they’ll certainly grow some of those, and it will add a real ray of sunshine to their day.

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That sounds wonderful, there are so many things that you can grow vertically, here are a couple of pinterest sites he might like, one with all sorts of things for children and one for vertical growing, and if he is on facebook there is a lovely chap I follow called the Vertical gardener who has some great tips. https://www.pinterest.co.uk/growveg/vertical-gardening/

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