Container Fruit Bushes

I’m thinking about buying a redcurrant & gooseberry to be grown (separately) in a large container (not yet purchased). Anyone had any success with container grown fruit? Any tips?

I have had a blueberry in a pot for about 5 years which does well, but mainly due to it needing different compost.

Many thanks

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Greetings once more, Mrs Jones.Hope you are well and ‘safe’.
I’m not a container expert but my instinct tells me that fruit bushes are better off in the ground. If you have no ground space, then I would suggest that a pot of no less than 30-40 litres+ might well ultimately do the job but sadly it will need a lot more attention - re watering and feeding. If you are in a ‘patio situation’ then you have little alternative but if you can get them in the ground it will serve both you and the bushes better. Good luck with two tasty bushes. Blueberries are a different issue as they seem to need acid compost to get the best from them and most gardens don’t supply the right soil ph. Others, I’m sure, will offer you better wisdom.

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