Compost Query - UK

All last year and in the early months of this year, I swore by B&Qs ‘Verve’ Compost. It was economical and it did the job. In the last few months I have had a series of seedling problems which were hard to define. I am coming to the conclusion that the Verve I bought most recently is not of the same quality as before. It looks tired and has not given the results that it used to do. Does anyone else have the same thoughts or experience?
I have now switched to another source of compost.
I’m not trying to ‘dis’ B&Q as they do not produce the product but I am a bit wary of repeating my purchase with them.
Any similar experiences or is it just me?

Sorry for the late reply on this! Compost varies, even within the same brand. Just like homemade compost, the ingredients are not exactly the same with every batch, even if they are broadly the same. Some brands tend to be better than others but I’ve had a ‘bad’ batch before too, even from a brand I’d used and been happy with in the past.

Bagged compost has been very short supply recently - the owner of my local garden centre said she didn’t know what we’re all doing with it this year! The brand I wanted was completely out of stock when I ordered it and was substituted with a more expensive (but very strawy looking) alternative. I suspect manufacturers are struggling to provide the same product they normally do right now. Hopefully it will all return to normal at some point, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a bit of a dip in quality for a while. All the more reason to make as much of your own compost as possible!