Beware the ‘Bargain Polytunnel’ - UK or elsewhere

If we have a limited plot, the thought of erecting a min-polytunnel to extend our season etc seems to be a good idea.

Hi there -This is simply a bit of a warning to any new (or well-bitten) gardeners, either at home or abroad, who are looking for an economical way of creating extension-making cover.

This post has no intention of reviling any company.

Outsunny is part of the US Co of Aosom USA.

OK-they are a half-decent co. providing products globally – or so I am told.

I can only talk of my own experience of their product and the company.

I bought an Outsunny 2x2.5m polytunnel in Dec 2018 prior to our move of house in late Apr 2019

The tunnel wasn’t erected until May 2019.

OK – it was brilliant in resistant to storms Kiera, Dennis and the rest in the UK due to its sheltered position.

On 25/7/20 we had a really heavy rain/hail storm and the result was that my polytunnel is now useless as it is now a colander where the brittleness of the material and the weight of the rain broke through.

I found a host of polyethylene confetti over my crops.

It has to be scrapped unless the co. had anything to say.

All they seemed to say is - Sorry but your very limited warranty expired almost before you*** erected the structure.***

Look out for a longer than 6-month warranty before you buy ANY polytunnel.

I would reasonably have expected more than 15 months of decent service out of the product –at least 3-5 seasons.

No chance - sadly it has to be scrapped because a cover is likely to cost almost as much as I paid for the original – if one can get one.

Just saying – BEWARE!

If you feel that you can benefit from one, get a mini polytunnel from your local store where you can go back and play ‘merry heck’ if and when it fails to deliver reasonable expectations!

The ‘big boys’ don’t want to know.

Hi, Really sorry about that, I too would have expected a longer wearing product, do you have a grade or weight of the polythene used? Just wondering if it can be bought wholesale for other purposes. Very disappointed for you.

Hi Susie, thanks for the sympathy. My polytunnel wasn’t polythene. It was polyethylene - used extensively for the smaller tunnels for back gardens. I’ve got groundsheets in that material that have lasted many years, hence the disappointment. ‘Never say die’, though. I can’t afford another and so there will be another bed in its place as soon a promised s/h greenhouse arrives later this month.
My original post was just to offer a word of warning to gardeners with a limited budget to check their intended product out.

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Hi Paul, what size is a mini polytunnel? Could it be repurposed as a growing frame for beans and cucumbers? Or covered with netting as a fruit cage?
You could also look in an agricultural suppliers, ours has great rolls of different ‘‘plastics’’ from clear to green to black in different weights and permeability. That plus a roll of agricultural scotch tape, a bit of ingenuity and an afternoon’s work. It won’t be as pretty as an expensive, bought cover, but it may serve its purpose.

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You’ve got it, sis. The cover is soon to become ‘history’ but the frame is recyclable. It’s a toss-up between a fruit cage or a brassica cage. I’ll have to save up for the appropriate netting and cut my losses.
It is and was a 2x2.5m tunnel - small scale but, in its short time, very useful.