Bee Friendly Flowers for Your Garden

I have seen several questions with regard to what kind of flowers will help to attract pollinators to your garden. Here is a nice poster from our friends, the National Beekeepeers Association of New Zealand, that helps give some ideas of the kinds of flowers to plant for those who want to help our bees and other pollinators. :relaxed:

… and another one with a break down of herbs, perennials and annuals …


In my own garden the bees love the simple flowers, the ones that are easy to get in and out of, we plant some for every month of the year just so if someone wakes up early (or goes into hibernation late) they have something. At the moment they are going mad for pulmonaria (lungwort) and rosemary flowers and are enjoying the blossom too.


Am I being too simplistic by saying - go for singles - not doubles which the bees have to elbow their way into? Bees are active and busy so give them the best chance of harvesting the nectar without busting a gut. We need their help - they need ours. Bee-friendly mixes might not be the most exotic - but they are still beautiful and bring us - and them - the most benefit.


I have a butterfly bush and a large outcropping of Russian sage on the ends of my vegetable garden. The bees seem drawn to those the most. When the peonies are in bloom those are a big hit too. I also intend on adding a bunch of zinnias, bee balm, black eyed susans, and hollyhocks among other things.


Sounds like a great suggestion! :ok_hand:t2:

I :yellow_heart::honeybee::orange_heart: SO much! With all the work they do, some easy-to-enter flowers is a great idea! :+1:t2:

Your garden sounds bee-utiful! :honeybee: :smile:Would love to see pictures when you can! :orange_heart:

This is from last year. I’ll get better pics from this year when it’s on full bloom. I’ve transplanted things from other parts of the yard and added an herb spiral.


Ohhhh… :heart_eyes: This is SO beautiful! I love purple flowers, too! :purple_heart: I’ve got quite a few of them planned for this summer’s garden. :slight_smile:

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Borage is a hit in my garden with the pollinators! (The chickens love it too.) Pollinators also like our Cosmos, zinnias, bachelor buttons, calendula, marigolds and nearly any flowering herb.

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Bees seem to love single Hollyhocks they get so engrossed they come out dusty with pollen IMG_1347 IMG_1349

Buddleia and sedum (ice plant) are always blanketed in bees and butterflies when the flowers come out in my garden.

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