Anyone got any recommendations for a blight free tomato?

Am thinking of trying to grow tomatoes outside the greenhouse this year which I have never done with any great success, does anyone have any ideas for a good cropper which is blight free?

The best success I’ve had is spraying with these 2 Yates products mixed together Mancozeb plus Liquid copper. They’re not organic but they work really well and you don’t need to put much. Take off all the yellowing & dead leaves first.
To boost & strengthen your tomatoes & make them more pest & disease resistant, spray them with 1 aspirin mixed with 1-2 tablespoons molasses in about 1-2Lt water. Aspirin makes the tomato plant think it’s under attack so it boosts its immune system (also makes the fruit sweeter & more flavoursome) & the molasses is like a vitamin pill full of minerals.


Wow! Thank you so much for that, I had read about the aspirin and had completely forgotten about it that is a fantastic idea. I have grown far too many of my usual ones to put in my greenhouse as I normally do a charity fair and now won’t be able to sell them for that. I plan to put a little table out in the street and give them away for free so people just come and get them and maintain social distancing but I will still have lots that won’t fit in the greenhouse and this is a great way to grow the rest outdoors! It will be an exciting experiment.

The bit about removing the yellow leaves is important. Also remove all the lower leaves as soon as they touch the ground. Blight lives in the soil and will splash up onto those leaves. If blight is a serious problem in your area then I also suggest a mulch. I use sugarcane mukch as I live where they grow the stuff.
Even shredded newspapers is better than nothing.

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Make sure you keep your watering consistent & only ground or root water - never let any splash on the leaves. Also calcium deficiency can cause issues. Crushed eggshell when you first plant your tommies works well.

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Last year I had some trouble with blight. Mostly because I rushed putting things in the ground and had spacing and support issues, but lots of people in my area had trouble last year because of the humidity and weather. This year I’m growing 3 types of tomatoes that are supposed to be blight-resistant:

Mountain Magic- an indeterminate smaller hybrid tomato.
CR Whopper- a 4-inch fruit indeterminate tomato
Celebrity - an 8 oz determinate tomato

On top of that I’m growing a regular beefsteak and yellow pear tomato. My husband likes “big” tomatoes and I love the little yellow ones for salads. I grew the little yellow ones last year and had no blight issues.

This year I’m spacing the bigger varieties 18 inches apart and have much taller, sturdier supports. I’m going to put mulch paper down and put them on a regular fertilizer schedule with worm castings and will be planting them with eggshells.I also have invested in a soaker hose this year to water at the roots of the plants instead of the whole plant to avoid mold. Plus I’ll be watering in the morning, not the evening, which I heard can invite mold/blight. I can’t wait to get my plants in the ground this year!

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Thank you! Will make a note of those varieties, I was going to grow mine up trellis outside but have wimped out and moved a whole load of other stuff so they can still be under glass…

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