Anyone else relate?

Finding it tough at the moment with lack of rain, but daren’t say as everyone else seems to love it…07c851857638a78b216161d244736ec0

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I can totally relate. It’s in the 90s and haven’t had rain to speak of for weeks. The grass is all brown and crispy and I spend hours watering the garden to just keep it going. The newscasters think its great that we’re having such sunny weather.

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Hi, Welcome to the community, glad someone else relates! Our newscasters too look so pleased and for the longest time I was just gritting my teeth and wanting rain!

Clearly the newscaster doesn’t grow his (or her) own or he/she might have another story to tell!
We in the UK have had, since early Spring - a layer cake of persistent rain - heatwave - more rain - mini-heatwave - now (7/7/20) prolonged light rain with lack of sunshine. At least, that’s been the reality of my area - part of the midland Trent Valley in the UK.
’in the 90s!!' - I would be pretty overwhelmed by that! When it gets to the high 70s, I (and most of my plants) run for cover! At times we have had the 80s and that was bad enough!
Every good wish that you get the 'soft refreshing’ asap! And enough to redress the balance. Welcome aboard!
Keep letting us know your story as it unfolds

Typical June here in central France, grass is perfect for cutting as hay but the weather is not. Rain, thunderstorms, rain, one sunny day, more rain. Now July is here everyone is working 18 hour days to get the hay in while the sun is out. Ideally, we’d then like some light rain for two days to revive the fields and get the grass growing again. Then stop for the cereal harvest and straw baling. Then rain to fatten the maize crops. Then sun and warm weather to dry the maize for harvest. Then rain to prepare the soil for winter wheat sowing. If you think we veg gardeners are discontent with the weather, become a farmer. We are almost never happy with it!!

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Dream on, dear Alli. In the not so recent past you might have expected such a predictable climatic progression. Climate has gone out through the window and in western Europe incl UK we are now subjected to simply late-forecasted ‘weather’!! And that isn’t always anywhere near accurate.
I hope that in mid-France you get the essential harvest in decent condition. UK looks as if it might - but it probably won’t admit it!! C’est la vie!
Every good wish across the stream.