Ant's eating my strawberries

Bird netting isn’t helping save my strawberries… I noticed an ant nest in the lawn that I’d dug up to make the bed. Wasn’t a lot I could do other than hope for the best but a slow producing everbearing crop is just enough for them to find each berry before it ripens. I put straw around them to lift them but obviously they can climb.

Any tips?

Oh Tom**, I empathise.** I’ve got a netting that can even repel insects (airborne, that is) but, after a really great start, my strawberries are not looking very promising.
No real tips.
Don 't know where you are or what the weather is like.
Advice is to annihilate the ants where you can - choose your own means - they were a total pain last year in the UK Midlands, and need setting back.
I really don’t think that traditional remedies will work if they are heavily established. The ants are not interested in top-dressing, They will undermine the underground health of the roots.
Get tough with them!

I’m in Birmingham UK. One thing we are certainly going to grow in abundance this year is empathy with farmers.

Still on ants I started reading up on ways to kill them and this makes me think instead I should have just been more careful what I planted near them they sound useful other than “ants farm aphids”!

Hi Tom - I’m not far away in what was once called the brewing capital of GB until Bass gave up and Coors moved in.
I heavily empathise with thoughts for the farmers. I spent a lot of time in the Fens where a heavy percentage of the national veg comes from. Not only the Covid problem but the weather. I recall a recent year when - like 2020 - a dry period was followed by heavy rains. The ground was too hard to take the water and I witnessed acres of onions that had been washed out and floated to the middle of the field. A total right-off. Not a pretty sight and heartbreaking for the grower.
Thanks for the link on ants.

I use diatomaceous earth