About the Building Community category

This category is to help people with ideas of how to build community among gardeners, even when physically separated.
Please add posts to this category that discuss ideas or ask for input on how to help people feel less isolated through gardening or growing food.

Hi there, D, you have created a great opportunity for ‘ordinary gardeners’ to communicate, not just in lockdown but hopefully ongoing. I applaud you. Could you add a category for simple ‘chat, chunner and celebration’? Things that don’t quite fit the other categories. My Springtime has been a mixture of successes and failures and I’m sure my fellow gardeners in Spring (and, down under, in Autumn) have possibly had the same experience. Maybe not. Otherwise, you’re doing a brilliant job. Let’s hope more folk feel inspired and confident enough to add more posts. We’re all in the same game and , due to weird climatic conditions globally with the added curse of Covid19, just chatting abut the good and bad could encourage us all. Just a thought. All the best.