40 days and 40 nights

Hi there - those who have tuned in to this forum either by choice, by accident or regularly.
It seems to have 'gone quiet ’ for a while. That’s a bit of a shame as in the northern hemisphere we are harvesting and assessing our successes and our failures.
I’ve got plenty of both
Let us know how the season has turned out.
The climate/weather has been unhelpful to say the least in the UK. A year to remember.
But there have been successes despite the vagary of the climate.
Please don’t just tune in to listen - tune in to speak.
Sharing is the best way for us all to learn from one another.
Covid19 is with us for a good while.
But it can’t stop us from communicating across the globe to share our gardening exploits.
They don’t have to be heroic - few of us are heroes. We just grow stuff.
And we want to learn from each other how to do it ‘better’.
Hoping that we don’t have to wait another 40 days and 40 nights before we get some new posts.
Every good wish to those gardeners in the UK and far beyond.

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Hello from Australia. Sorry I have been very quiet but as it is now Spring and I live in a subtropical area things are really starting to bloom. My purple bougainvillea is starting to bloom as are my nasturtium, tomatoes, sunflowers and Heartsease. I really hope you all stay safe and well. I know it’s hard but as a nurse I ask that you do what the authorities ask. We’ve had locked boarders forever but no new cases for over 28 days. Good luck with your winter crops.

Hi Paul,
Well, it has been an atrocious year for squashes in Leicestershire. I managed to harvest only around 10 at most, as the damp weather really spoilt them all.
Potatoes have been good and I’ve got a few good onions and Aron carrots. The runner, french and broad beans all did really well, as did the Shiraz mange-tout.
Things haven’t been brilliant in the greenhouse due to lack of sunshine. I have loads of chilli fruit, but they aren’t ripening very well at all.
The weather must have been ideal for rhubarb, as it’s the first year in and it’s gone beserk!
However, I’ve just planted autumn garlic and late onions, so I hope they do better.
Hope other regions in the UK had better luck, but I’ll still grow loads of tomatoes, chillies and other veg again next year. A bit of a bad season doesn’t quell the spirit!

Cheers Mare and Louiseupton - thanks for breaking the silence.
I just packed away the remainder of my overgrown Spring onions, sliced up and in the freezer - don’t know if they (scallions) store well like that but I’m giving it a try.
It’s celery’s turn tomorrow.
Surprisingly, beetroot has been a bit of a disappointment. Despite lots of lama-poo and compost, they have been very slow to swell.
The leeks - which I’ve planted every two months - have seemed tired and slow,
Swedes have been varied - Some really nice and big - others rather small and distorted.
Brassicas under net seem healthy but we shall see - I know that there at least four cabbages worth harvesting.
Brussels, sown at the right time showing very few ‘knobs’. .There is still time - I hope.
Then it’s in with over-winter onion sets and garlic and hope that the continual wet that we are having doesn’t rot them.
Good wishes to all - wherever you are.